Prestigious Awards receive new SAIA recipients.
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Prestigious Awards receive new SAIA recipients.


SAIA announced new recipients of their pretigious Hall of Fame and Honoary Members Awards at their annual AGM held on 24 May 2024.

Hall of Fame:
Recognizes individuals who have achieved unparalleled success and have made enduring contributions to the auction industry. This award honours those whose careers have been marked by extraordinary personal and professional achievements, as well as a significant impact on the auction industry and society at large. Inductees are celebrated for their innovation, leadership, and the lasting legacy they leave behind.

The Hall of Fame is not just about recognizing past achievements; it is about enshrining the values and accomplishments that set a standard for future generations. Long Standing Member of SAIA, been in the industry for more than 30 years.

  • Hedley Harris - 2011
  • Bill Hartard – 2011
  • Eddie Winterstein - 2011
  • Jack Lazarus - 2018
  • Jack Klaff – 2019
  • Philip Powell - 2019
  • Clive Lazarus - 2024

Honorary Members:
Bestowed upon an individual who has dedicated their life to excellence and leadership within the auction industry. This prestigious accolade recognizes a lifetime of outstanding contributions and enduring commitment to professional and community ideals. Recipients of this award are distinguished by their career longevity, the breadth of their influence, and their ability to inspire others to pursue greatness. This award celebrates not only personal achievement but also the significant and lasting impact the honorary has made on the auction industry and community.

  • Eddie Winterstein - 2011
  • Jack Klaff – 2011
  • Hedley Harris - 2011
  • Bill Hartard - 2011
  • Philip Powell - 2024


Now available on our website:
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